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The Brand

From Africa to the world.

From Africa to the world! Inspired by the rich and diverse African culture the brand aims to showcase to the world the most beautiful elements of the continent. Young, light and modern the brand promotes an encounter between nature, culture and architecture through fashion.

" I envisioned a brand that would represent me, a brand that could be worn by anyone regardless of their social class. I wanted to promote the idea that one doesn't have to spend much money in order to be stylish and felt the need of taking a little bit of the African culture to the world. I knew I wanted a name that would praise my continent and show the world that Africa is Amazing, from there came the name A'FROCK= Africa Rocks!  The essence of Africa represented by colors, fabrics and textures promoting an alliance with fashion through modern styles."   - Teresa Ferreira

Ha 7 anos atrás dávamos o nosso primei
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